2022年12月12日 “系统辨识与控制”高端学术论坛
“系统辨识与控制”高端学术论坛(第2期)报告题目1:Teleoperation of Swarm Robotics报告时间:2022年12月12日星期一 13:00报告题目2:Writing, Submission and Publication of Scientific Papers报告时间:2022年12月12日星期一 14:00报告人:Professor Yang Shi, 加拿大工程研究院院士报告地点:江南大学BBV体育(中国)有限公司C317线上 腾讯会议:426-323-402邀请人:丁锋报告1简介:In this talk, recent results on teleoperatio...
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Topic (报告题目): Kalman Filtering and Optimal Sensor Motion in Bearings-Only TrackingReporter (报告人):Professor Kutluyil Dogancay, 南澳大学Times (时间):Friday, November 11, 1:30pm-2:30pmVooV Meeting ID (腾讯会议): 139-291-184 or报告简介:This short talk is devoted to discuss Kalman Filtering and Optimal Sensor Motion in Bearings-Only Tracking. T...
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报告题目:Operations Management Models for Cloud Computing报告人:董昶 助理教授时间:2022年8月9日星期二16:00 -17:00直播平台及会议ID:腾讯会议 375-174-704报告摘要:This short talk is devoted to discuss several operations management models with potential applications in cloud computing. A number of topics will be covered, including demand forecasting and resource management.报告人简介:Dr. Chang ...
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报告题目一:Joint Power Allocation for Remote State Estimation With SWIPT报告人:Ling Shi报告时间:2022年6月17日星期五 15:00-16:00直播平台及会议ID:腾讯会议 254-598-022报告简介:We consider remote state estimation with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT). A remote estimator receives the state estimate transmitted by a sensor and sends an acknowledgment (ACK) signal to...
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报告题目:Novel Coil Array Design and Modeling for Magnetic Microrobot报告人:Xinyu Liu时间:2022.6.11   8:30 -17:30地点:School of Internet of things Engineering D206报告摘要:The independent control of microrobot swarms is a major challenge in the field of micro/nano manipulation. In this talk, I will present our research on a new localized magnetic field generating system that can be used fo...
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报告题目1:A Robust Distributed Model Predictive Control Framework for Consensus of Multi-Agent Systems with Varying Delays and Input Constraints报告时间:2022年6月8日星期三 13:00报告题目2:Writing and Submission of Scientific Papers报告时间:2022年6月8日星期三 14:30报告人:Yang Shi报告地点:江南大学BBV体育(中国)有限公司C317,线上:腾讯会议:696-768-120报告1简介:In the past two decades, much research...
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报告题目:Ionic Hydrogel-Based Sensors for Soft Robotics报告人:Xinyu Liu报告时间:2022年1月21日,8:30-17:30报告地点:物联网D206报告摘要:Recently, hydrogels have been intensively studied to develop stretchable electronics for wearables and soft robots. In this talk, I will present our research on developing novel ionic hydrogel-based sensors for wearable sensing and soft robotics. The research...
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