VETA Project Objectives


a. To raise awareness of Values and Rights amongst teenagers.

b. To use the Foreign language as a vehicle for expressing their ideas in a creative way.

c. To promote visual literacy in Secondary Schools.


d. To explore human and child rights, identifying fields of interest.

e. To select short movies and PSA from all over the world as a centre of debate.

f. To identify specific subtopics within the frame of the 12 big chosen themes to take action on.


g. To write and develop storyboards

h. To improve the command of English, German and Spanish.

i. To foster and improve the use of ICT as a tool to work cooperatively.


j. To organise filming: Preproduction, production and postproduction.

k. To finish products: video editing and subtitling.

l. To develop teaching guides for the products, than can be disseminated and reutilized.


m. To learn how to work in international teams.

n. To enhance the European dimension of education by promoting joint cooperation activities among schools in Europe.

o. To learn about other EU languages.


p. To disseminate the acquired knowledge, the outputs and the teaching guides.

q. To foster exploitation of VETA project products by other educational institutions.

r. To provide permanent availability of intellectual outputs, thus ensuring products sustainability.