In 2015 and 2016, a bilateral long term study mobility of pupils between Spain and Germany took place. 3 German students and 3 Spanish students will exchange schools and families and spend 3 months abroad.

As Germany and Spain are countries, which share similar modern history, since both suffered a pitiful war at the first half of the XX century that left the countries divided physically or politically. In 1975 Spain turns into a democratic system ruled by a parliamentary monarchy and Germany achieves reunification as a federal parliamentary republic in 1990.However nowadays their statuses are quite different: Germany represents the European economical power whereas Spain suffers a severe economical crisis. Therefore we have distant realities within the same European framework.

As our project promotes that students raise their awareness of shared values and rights as Europeans Citizens (Dignity, Freedom,Equality, Solidarity, Citizenship and Justice), a long term stay  allowed teenagers to foster and respect these democratic values andto research on our common history and culture, respecting each others', and improving their command of German and Spanish but also English as a Lingua Franca. Furthermore this activity  provided students with the chance  to live the experience of living and studying as a European in another place in Europe, and check to which extent our common identity allows us to become active citizens in any area of the EU. For these students there is  a national certificate of the European Programmes Office certifying their participation.

During one of the exchanges an intercultural workshop was carried out. You can watch some photos here.